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Origin of the Himalayas
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The Himalayas, along with their neighbouring ranges, the Karakoram, Pamir and Hindu Kush are one...
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The Other Himalayas
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The snow-laden peaks of the Indian Himalayas over the Ladakh region viewed from a tiny window thousands of feet above appear more like thick icing on a delectable chocolate cake...
Latest photographs directly from Ladakh
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Culture & People
The Land of God
"Even when I die, I want to die here. This is the land of deities..." - such strong bonding..."

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The Melting Himalayas
in Mountain Themes
This technical paper tracks both the reported as well as possible future consequences of climate change in the greater Himalayan region with special emphasis on ...
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A Strategy for Conservation of the Tibetan Gazelle
Folklores of Sacred Khecheopalri Lake
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Shambhala is believed to be a Buddhist "pure land" where...
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Shangri -La
Himalayan Artifacts
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The Arts & Crafts database is a compilation of various...
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Cultivation Package
Ethnobotanic Database
MAPS of the Himalayan Region
Map showing distribution of various ethnic groups in Nepal
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BOOKS on the Himalayas
DMS-HIMALAYA - (Disaster Management System ‐ Himalaya)
One year on, as the country still grapples with the calamitous event...
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Spiti: Adventures in the Trans-Himalaya by Harish Kapadia
I asked the little boy beneath the pine; Where has the Master...
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Links to Organisations
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the Himalayas
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