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Whole books on the Himalayan region, some written way back in the past when the Himalayas were a trifle shorter!
Culled from open access material are a few COMPLETE books on the Himalayan region. Some of these are seminal works that have contributed significantly to our understanding of the Himalayan region and continue to direct enquiry and development action in the region.
Title: Biodiversity Conservation in the Himalayas
Author: B.L. Kaul
Year of Publication: 2009 
Publisher: Vedams eBooks (P) Ltd., New Delhi
Language: English
The book is a compendium of articles written by experts and workers connected with Himalayan studies. The volume covers a wide range of topics having a direct bearing on the health and security of the mot outstanding yet fragile Himalayan ecosystems. The author has tried to analyze the causes of the degradation of the Himalayas and suggested measures to restore and regain the beauty and biodiversity of these mighty mountains.
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Title: Gift of the Himalayas
Author: Anonymous
Year of Publication: 2007
Publisher: WWF, Nepal
Language: English
The Himalayas are a rich repository of flora with a large number of native plants and high value non-timber forest products. This book is a WWF Nepal's initiative to conserve these high value NTFPs of mountains by providing concise information of prioritized species in mountain program areas of the Sacred Himalayan Landscape.
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Title: The Himalayan Dilemma: Reconciling Development and Conservation
Author: Jack D Ives and Bruno Messerli
Year of Publication: 1989
Publisher: Routledge, London
Language: English
This book seeks to examine the basis of the widely supported prediction that the Himalayan region is inevitably drifting into a situation of environmental super crisis and collapse.
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