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Title: Environment and rural development in Darjeeling Himalaya: Issues and concerns
Author: Khawas, V.

Source: Mountain Forum
Year: 2002
Publisher: Mountain Forum
Abstracts:The paper seeks to highlight the major environmental and developmental issues in the Darjeeling Himalayan region. It emphasizes the need for a comprehensive regional strategy for sustainable regional development, capable of addressing social, economic, political, demographic and environmental issues in this fragile, strategic region. The paper provides a detailed account of the socio-economic background of the region and identifies critical factors to be considered for planning.

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Title: Himalayan Population at Earthquake Risk: Strategies for Preparedness
Author: Gupta, I., Sinvhal, A. and Shankar, R.
Source: Journal of Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 15, No. 4, 2006
Year: 2006
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Abstracts:This is a link to an abstract. The article seeks to examine risk of human settlements as per seismo-tectonic settings of a populated area in the Himalayas and then design mitigation measures. An earthquake scenario is considered with a hypothetical epicenter to identify population vulnerable to damage and assess the implications of such an earthquake on infrastructure etc. The article suggests strategies for long-term earthquake preparedness and short-term action plan for emergency management. It also deals with the potential of replication of this method in other Himalayan regions.
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Title: Physical and cultural patterns in the Himalaya
Author: Gurung, H.
Source: Mountain Forum
Year: 2002
Publisher: International Seminar on Mountains (ISM)
Abstracts:In order "to promote economically and environmentally sound development" in the mountain regions, as formulated by ICIMOD, one must have a better understanding of the nature, resources, and potentials of the mountain's component areas. The article describes the regional pattern of some physical and cultural aspects of the Himalaya and models of best practices in conservation and development.
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