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Reports of deliberations on the Himalayas that provide a quick overview of issues, changes, development methods.
The Himalayan region lacks significantly in targeted research, development and policy attention. In larger deliberations on various issues, such as environment, education, water & sanitation, at international and country level, its uniqueness and variance from the mainstream, results in the Himalayan region being excluded, except in some rare cases. Specific focus on the Himalayan region is extremely limited as well, the sparsity of population that characterizes the region leading to a political and development neglect. Although few and sporadic, some deliberations are and have been conducted on Himalayan issues, typically by organisations that focus specifically on the region. These have included deliberations on subjects such as the Himalayan environment, and changing occupational patterns of Himalayan people; of recent origin is a focus on Himalayan glaciers and the impacts of climate change. The reports of such deliberations, some of them electronic and others of a seminar-mode, may be perused in this section.
Title: Climate Summit for a Living Himalayas
Theme: Natural Resource Management & Culture Preservation
Hosted By: ICIMOD
Date & Venue: August 18-20, 2010
Source: ICIMOD

Climate Change is having an adverse effect on the Himalayas, which cannot be ignored any longer. The meeting aimed at bringing together various decision makers, leaders and technical experts from Government agencies in addition to experts from research and development organizations to identify key issues and priorities pertaining to climate change adaptation in the Eastern Himalayas. The focus was also on fostering partnerships, networking and exchanging information for preparation of the    Bhutan Climate Summit.

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Title: Community-based Mountain Tourism: Practices For Linking Conservation With Enterprise
Theme: Eco-tourism
Hosted By: Mountain Forum
Date & Venue: 13April - 18May,1998; E-conference
Source: Mountain Forum
Abstract: As tourism increases in mountain regions around the world, environmental and social impacts also increase. The e-conference that this report is based on, focused on five thematic areas: marketing strategies, organizational structures, local knowledge, gender, and revenue reinvestment. The report gives an account of deliberations and case studies for each theme that would help identify practices and tools to increase the flow of positive benefits to mountain communities and the ecosystems and reducing the negative impacts of tourism.
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Title: Glaciers, Snow melt and Runoff in the Himalayas
Theme: Natural Resource management
Hosted By: EU – FP7 Project HighNoon
Date & Venue: 6th -7th February 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Source: EU- HighNoon

This 2 day workshop was expected to bring together international and regional researchers and government administration and donor agencies in order to deliberate on cryospheric & glacio-hydrologic research in the Hindu Kush region. The state of current knowledge on the effects of climate change on the glaciers, snow melts and runoff was addressed, which was a topic of particular importance in order to identify the key knowledge gaps.

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Title: Himalayan Chief Ministers’ Conclave on Indian Himalayas: Glaciers, Climate Change & Livelihoods.
Theme: Sustainable Development
Hosted By: LEAD, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh & Dept. of Science & Technology.
Date & Venue: 29th – 30th October 2009.
Source: Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation.

The focus of the Conference was divided into 3 main themes: Climate Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation. Through the Conference, efforts were made to broaden the engagement as well as establish an arena in order to promote interactions among researchers and climate-related practitioners. It also helped in understanding the gaps in research methodology on Climate Change.

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Title: Integrating Mountain Culture and Natural Resource Management
Theme: Natural Resource Management
Hosted By: ICIMOD, Nepal and The Mountain Institute
Date & Venue: September, 2001; E-conference
Source: ICIMOD Partnership Platform

The e-conference on “Integrating Mountain Culture and Natural Resource Management” was organised as a planning event for the ‘International Year of the Mountains-2002’ to raise awareness and understand the need for integrating culture with sustainable natural resource management in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas. The conference focused on starting an ongoing debate on the cost of interventions for mountain natural resource management that is necessitated on mountain cultures and suggesting areas of research that could lead to improved policies for mountain development. The report brings out the nature of deliberations and the outputs of the conference where the participants argued for community participation in policy design, development without compromising the traditional culture and use of ethno–scientific methods to ensure development as per local needs.

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