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Interventions aimed at generating research-based information on the Himalayan ecology and environment, and/or on biodiversity conservation, on improved management of land and water resources,...
Title: Himalayan Glaciers & Rivers Project and Climate witness project
Category: Research on Climate Change
Year : August 2003 onwards
Location : Nepal
Organisation : WWF - Nepal
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Title: Project INDEPTH (International DEep Profiling of Tibet and the Himalaya)
Category: Geological Research
Year : 1990 onwards
Location : Tibet
Organisation : Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Cornell University - Department of Geological Sciences and other universities
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Title: SHARE - Asia Project
Category: Technological Research
Year : 1990 onwards
Location : The Himalaya-Karakoram Mountain chain
Organisation : CNR Institute for Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC), Italy
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Title: HKKH Partnership Project
Category: Ecosystem management
Year : July 2006 onwards (3 years)
Location : Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet autonomous region of China
Organisation : IUCN, Nepal
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