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Title: Handbook on Methods for Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies
Author: Feenstra, J.F.; Burton, I.; Smith, J.B.; Tol, R.S.J.
Source: United Nations Environment Programme, Institute for Environmental Studies
Year: 1998
Publisher: United Nations Environment Programme
In many countries, governments are seeking advice from a wide range of disciplines on the potential impacts of climate change on the environment and their society and economy. This handbook is designed to help those conducting research...
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Title: Ecotourism Development- A Manual for Conservation Planners and Managers, Volume II
Author: Drumm, A.; Moore, A.; Soles, A.; Patterson, C.; Terborgh, J.E.
Source: The Nature Conservancy
Year: 2004
Publisher: The Nature Conservancy
Because of their ecological value, protected areas form some of the world’s greatest eco-tourism attractions. Hence, the Protected Area managers are faced with the challenge of controlling and limiting the impacts of unfettered...
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Title: The Habitat Assessment Model: A Tool to Improve Wildlife
Author: Roath, L. R.; Hardy, E.M.; Wockner, G.; Porter, S.; Hobbs, N.T.; Freddy, D.
Source: Colorado State University. Colorado Division of Wildlife
Year: 2001
Publisher: Colorado State University
Concerns over increasing populations of big game and the ensuing fence and forage damages on private and public lands, lead the Colorado Division of Wildlife to create the Habitat Partnership Program (HPP). The Habitat Assessment Model has...
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Title: Watershed Survey Manual for Lakes and Rivers
Author: Godfrey, P.J.; Schoen, J.; Walk, M-F.
Source: The Massachusetts Water Watch Partnership
Year: 2000
Publisher: University of Massachusetts
A watershed survey is a simple and effective tool to better understand a lake or river system. It requires no specialized training and very little equipment, yet it can provide a great deal of information about a water body. The...
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Title: Ecotourism Development- A Manual for Conservation Planners and Managers, Volume I
Author: Drumm, A.; Moore, A.
Source: The Nature Conservancy
Year: 2005
Publisher: The Nature Conservancy
Ecotourism has become an important economic activity across the world, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience local nature and culture whilst learning the importance of biodiversity and culture conservation. Besides...
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