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Himalayan Voices is more than a web portal. It is a system and a process for a two-way information flow between the policy makers in the centre and the indigenous community and the local administrative agents in the target region. Associated with the HV initiative are various facilities and extensions that enable the two-way information-flow aimed for.
       Himalayan Resource Centres Himalayan Voices - Regional Centre
Pragya has established a network of Resource Centres spanning the Himalayan region in India that enable a reach of information into the high altitude Himalayas, and facilitate interaction with communities in remote and distant Himalayan villages.   Himalayan Voices comprises, beyond the portal, a facility that houses a collection of quality material on the Himalayan region, and carries out periodic studies and disseminates the findings.
* Resource Centre Publishing
Each Development Resource Centre is a publishing point for a District Newsletter (also see Associated Structures- HHF). The newsletters feeds into this portal just as much as this portal is a key information source at the DRCs.
Climate change and the cold deserts of the high altitude Himalayas
Climate change affects the natural resource base and poses enormous difficulty for the natural resource-dependent indigenous population of the cold desert region in the high altitude Himalayas. This paper summarizes the outcomes of a study carried out across...
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Himalaya Documentation
Weaving in Garhwal
The handlooms and handicrafts are integral part of the cultural tradition of Garhwal as well as other parts of the Himalayas. Each area has its own distinct woven products. These traditional handwoven products are rich in colour, design and have more warmth compared to power-loom woven materials...
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