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Whole books on the Himalayan region, some written way back in the past when the Himalayas were a trifle shorter!
Culled from open access material are a few COMPLETE books on the Himalayan region. Some of these are seminal works that have contributed significantly to our understanding of the Himalayan region and continue to direct enquiry and development action in the region.
Title: Claiming the High Ground: Sherpas, Subsistence, and Environmental Change in The Highest Himalaya
Author: Stanley F. Stevens
Year of Publication: 1996 
Publisher: University of California Press
Language: English
In this book meant for geographers, anthropologists and conservationists, the author brings a new historical perspective to his well-researched study of the subsistent Khumbu Sherpas, famous for their mountaineering exploits and often depicted as victims of the world's highest-altitude tourist boom. He has studied their relationship with their environment and how it has been affected by the increasing tourist influx.
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