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Himalayan Films/Documentaries
The Himalayas are famous for their natural beauty and the motion pictures with Himalayas as their theme/background, explore every detail relating to it. The movies do justice in bringing the still nature of the region to life through this medium. The movies take up different themes ranging from the issues pertaining there to tradition of the region. The movies showcase the rich culture of the region in its true form. They provide useful information, which is understood by masses, even by the people who cannot read.
Title: Beyond Prayers
Director: Neelima Mathur
Released on: under production
Language: English
 It is a known fact that the northern region of Ladakh is barren and is usually called the cold desert. The biggest problem in such a region is that of availability of water. The film showcases the chronicles of Chewang Norphel who with the help of innovative engineering is constructing artificial glaciers so that the farmers can get water even during the summer season.  
Title: God Lives In The Himalayas
Director: Sanjay Srinivas
Released on: 2009
Language: Nepali and English
The story is set up in the foothills of the Himalayas. The story revolves around a young boy named Siddharth. Due to some misfortune both his parents are killed during a religious ceremony. Siddharth is very shocked and wants to find out why God did this? This question boggles his mind so much that he leaves his house in search of an answer from God himself
Title: Hearts in the Himalayas
Director: Debi Lang
Released on: Under Production
Language: English
The documentary film is an insight to the lives of communities belonging to hidden villages in the Dhading region of Nepal, that take up to 3 days of trekking to reach. It has covered the work done by Himalayan HealthCare, a Humanitarian Organisation in the field of healthcare, education and income generation Programmes.  
Title: Himalayaeui Sonyowa (Himalaya - where the wind dwells)
Director: Soo-el-Jeon
Released on: 11th June 2009
Language: English, Nepali, Korean
 This movie is about a Korean executive named Kim who is very depressed by his divorce. On the television he watches news of the suicide committed by an illegal migrant worker named Sham from Nepal. In the gradual course of events Kim lands in Nepal and falls in love with Sham’s sister. When asked by the village elders to marry her he is in a situation of fix.
Title: Little Tibet
Director: Nawang Anja-Tsang (Sonam) & Joseph Brett
Released on: 2011
Language: English
Little Tibet is about Sonam’s search for a Tibet outside Tibet since he cannot go back to his own land. Therefore the film questions whether Ladakh-the roof of the World, could be the Tibet he is looking for. Through the experiences from Sonam’s travels in Ladakh the film aims at reaching a wider audience to make them aware of the losses of Ladakh in cultural, political, religious and ecological aspects and prompt them to take action.