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Mekhala Marpheu,
Arunachal Pradesh,
Tashi Tsering,
Arunachal Pradesh,
Hear the Himalayan people, their problems and needs, their dreams and aspirations, their joys and tribulations. See the struggle and simplicity of life in the Himalayas.

The remoteness of the Himalayan region and the isolation faced by its inhabitants have left their voices unheard. Himalayan people have a lot to say to the rest of the world, about their needs and aspirations, and much that we can learn from, about their perspectives on life and development.


Pragya, the host organization for Himalayan Voices, is carrying out a process of recording oral testimonies of Himalayan people, presenting them in an unvarnished form. Policies and projects are most often designed based solely on cold facts and figures. The people they aim to serve and their feelings play no part. While objectivity is undoubtedly very important in the framing of policies and practices, real contact with lived experiences would surely add value. This initiative seeks to amplify the voices of the unheard to enable them to reach policymakers and development workers. These oral testimonies will help one experience the life of a broad cross-section of Himalayan people, the children and women, the farmers and the elders, the nomads and the healers, and develop an empathy that we hope would aid appropriate development.

Title:On development and change
"Firstly, the problem here is that there are no schools for children so the main problem is the lack of education facilities. I expect some support regarding this. Secondly, there is the problem of electricity. Without light it is difficult and I hope that we get some help regarding this as well. In comparison to other areas we are poor. That makes me unhappy because of the lack of education everybody goes ..."
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On education and opportunities
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Nima Wangmu
Ngyamnung village, Arunachal Pradesh

“Education is important. It helps in many ways. It is easier to keep accounts if one is educated. An educated person finds it easier to get a job. But there is a definite lack in the opportunities here. ..”

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Life in Hills
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Leh Palace
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The Rangelands of Changthang
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Women and Development in the Garhwal Himalayas
by A. Nautiyal
in Mountain Issues
A close look at the social, economic and political aspects of development in the Garhwal Himalayas clearly indicates that women remain a neglected lot. Their work in the society is overlooked, and their basic needs and aspirations are also ignored. As a result, development has failed to bring about significant changes in the quality of life...
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Voices on ‘The Old and the New’
"In the past we used to spend our time weaving or knitting but now they are being replaced by T.V. etc. I feel there have been changes in the fields of agriculture, beliefs, clothing, food habits and also in the environment. Some good changes I feel are in electronics, education, communication and..."

Lahaul and Spiti,
Himachal Pradesh, India

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Voices on ‘Dreams & Aspirations’
"I hope our kids can use facilities like electricity and roads. When we see other villages with telephones and electricity we hope that this kind of development comes to our village also. Our time is almost over now, if there is development during our kids' time we would also be happy along with them."

Kunzang Dolma
Hipti village,
Ladakh, India

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