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Experience the Himalayas. See the grandeur of nature in the Himalayas, the richness of its culture. Feel the warmth of its people.
Photo-documentation of the Himalayas is a mammoth task . . . and never quite complete. Its natural diversity is only challenged by its cultural richness. The mountain vistas metamorphose with the time of the day and the season, and it is world that is constantly evolving and changing. Welcome to the Himalayan Voices Image Gallery! This gallery contains a collection of images that one can browse section wise. We are building on this collection and welcome your additions to the gallery.
Title:      A Panoramic View of Pangong Lake, Ladakh
Credit:   Pragya
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Life in Hills
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On education and opportunities
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Nima Wangmu Ngyamnung Arunachal Pradesh
"Education is important. It helps in many ways. It is easier to keep accounts if one is educated. An educated person finds it easier to get a job. But there is a definite lack in the opportunities here. .."
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The Landscapes of Bhutan
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Images of the Natural Heritage of the Himalayas
  Black Necked Cranes   Sela Lake   Waterfall at Sissu
  Medicinal plant - Allium stracheyi  
Images of the People & Culture of the Himalayas
  Monpa Girls   Traditional costume-Spiti   Lahauli dance   In search of fodder