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The people of the Himalayan region have a unique culture that is characterized by a wide range of customs and traditions, as a result of the agro-climatic variations, as well as the striking homogeneity because of their shared racial origin, interactions, and similar geographic context. This includes the socio-economic fabric of social hierarchies, family structure, status of women, and rites of passage, as well as occupations & livelihoods. Secluded for centuries due to the region's remoteness, the cultural sovereignty of the Himalayan tribes had remained intact. In recent years, however, under the onslaught on increasing connectivity and modern social mores, many of these communities are currently in a state of flux. The series of databases in this section highlight the range of social practices in the Himalayan region: Family and Social Structure, Status of Women, Rites of Passage, Occupations & Livelihoods, and Festivals.

Social Structure

Family Structure

Status of Women

Rites of Passage

Occupations & Livelihoods