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Technologies suitable for the Himalayan region in energy, irrigation, agro-processing, sanitation, and others.
Title: Insect Trap
Category: Technology
Source: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India
Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Grain storage facilities are always susceptible to pest infestations that can put to waste all the hard work a farmer has put in. As a solution to this problem Dr. S. Mohan of the Tamil Nadu University has created a device called an...
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Title: Pine needles for fuel!
Category: Renewable energy
Source: Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi)
Location: Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh - India
Did you ever think that pine needles would be of much use? Well, they are. Professor Iyer and Professor Rao of Indian Institute of Technology (Department of Chemical Engineering, Delhi) have successfully developed alternative fuel...
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Title: Composting Toilet Construction
Category: Health and Sanitation
Source: www.cee.mtu.edu/sustainable_engineering
Location: Republic of Vanuatu
Ensuring access to clean water and basic sanitation services is the first step in eliminating poverty. Composting toilet (CT) technology takes into consideration both these factors. Composting toilets do not use water; they can work...
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Title: Earth-bags as construction material
Category: Architecture/ Technology
Source: www.networkearth.org
Location: Hesperia, California
On has often seen earth-bags being used by the military forces to create bunkers. Most commonly, the material of the bag is polypropylene or burlap, polypropylene being more durable than burlap. Usually the bags are filled with sand, clay...
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Title: Airborne Wind Turbines
Category: Renewable Energy
Source: Joby Energy Inc.
Location: Santa Cruz, California, USA
This renewable innovation of energy is a computer – controlled and multi winged, kite like structure, which has been developed to float at a height of 2000 feet in order to generate power. Mr. Bevirt from Joby Energy Inc has invented...
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Title: Fuel from Chicken Feathers?
Category: Renewable Energy
Source: University of Nevada
Location: Nevada USA
Professor Manoranjan ‘Mano’ Misra along with his team in Nevada discovered that Biodiesel fuel could also be produced with the help of ‘chicken feather meal’, which consists of feathers, blood, innards of a chicken....
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