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Whole books on the Himalayan region, some written way back in the past when the Himalayas were a trifle shorter!
Culled from open access material are a few COMPLETE books on the Himalayan region. Some of these are seminal works that have contributed significantly to our understanding of the Himalayan region and continue to direct enquiry and development action in the region.
Title: A Sketch of the Geography and Geology of the Himalaya Mountains and Tibet
Author: Sir Sidney Gerald Burrard and Sir Henry Hubert Hayden
Year of Publication: 1907
Publisher: Superintendent government printing, India
Language: English
This reader-friendly book with minimum usage of technical language gives an account of Himalayan geography--the principal mountain ranges and peaks of Asia and the rivers of Himalaya and Tibet. A part of the book also describes the geology of the Himalayas supported with well-illustrated figures and maps.
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Title: Himalaya to the Sea: Geology, Geomorphology and the Quaternary
Author: J. Shroder Jr.
Year of Publication: 1993 
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
This book is the first integrated assessment of the geomorphology and Quaternary evolution of this region, from highlands to ocean. Presenting new research, methodologies and theory, this highly illustrated book also provides the first comprehensive bibliography to this exciting region.
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Title: Himalaya and Tibet: Mountain Roots to Mountain TopsĀ 
Author: Allison Macfarlane, Rasoul B. Sorkhabi and Jay Quade
Year of Publication: 1999
Publisher: The Geological Society of America
Language: English
This book is a detailed account of the geology of the entire Himalaya—the sediments, structures and landforms. The book also contains some geologic maps of the region.
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