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Hear the Himalayan people, their problems and needs, their dreams and aspirations, their joys and tribulations. See the struggle and simplicity of life in the Himalayas.

The remoteness of the Himalayan region and the isolation faced by its inhabitants have left their voices unheard. Himalayan people have a lot to say to the rest of the world, about their needs and aspirations, and much that we can learn from, about their perspectives on life and development.


Pragya, the host organization for Himalayan Voices, is carrying out a process of recording oral testimonies of Himalayan people, presenting them in an unvarnished form. Policies and projects are most often designed based solely on cold facts and figures. The people they aim to serve and their feelings play no part.

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Title:On Dreams
"If possible I would like to educate my children. I might have to make my youngest son a monk. I am already thinking of making him a monk. I am already thinking of making him a monk if formal education is not possible. That is the only thing we can do. We do not have any source of income. Both of us parents are farmers."
See the Himalayas up close and learn about it through films on a variety of subjects on the region.
While Eric Valli's Himalaya is perhaps the best-known feature film on the Himalayas, there are many other lesser known tales, and several documentaries and recording of personal experiences that help to bring alive the beauty and culture of the Himalayas. Welcome to the Himalayan Voices Audio-Visual Gallery! This gallery contains a collection of films and documentaries that one can browse section wise. We are building on this collection and hope to bring you more films about the Himalayas in a while.
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The Other Himalaya
by Tsering Eden, Gangtok, Sikkim
in Himalaya Experiences
The snow-laden peaks of the Indian Himalayas over the Ladakh region viewed from a tiny window thousands of feet above appear more like thick icing on a delectable chocolate cake. If Ladakh is mouth watering, Uttarakhand is refreshing, with Himachal offering a little bit of both. From the small Himalayan state of Sikkim...
A Hermit In The
by Paul Brunton
in Experiences of Modern day Himalaya Aficionados
A magnificent blend of travelogue and spiritual learning, the book follows the author on his journey to Mount Kailash through the Himalayan...
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Destination Himalaya in Himalayan Heritage
Himalayan Heritage is a platform for cultural actors of the Himalayas - artists, performers, and those working for the preservation and promotion of culture.
Women and Development in the Garhwal Himalayas
by A. Nautiyal
in Mountain Issues
A close look at the social, economic and political aspects of development in the Garhwal Himalayas clearly indicates that women remain a neglected lot. Their work in the society is overlooked, and their basic needs and aspirations are also ignored. As a result, development has failed to bring about significant changes in the quality of life...
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Online Library
Audio recordings of the diverse folk music of the Himalayas, with its unique musical instruments and lilting melodies.
The music of the Himalayas is rich and diverse and is a reflection of the anthropology and geography of the particular region. The melodies finds their soul in the mountains and speak of nature, its beautiful and terrifying visage, and the life-cycle of mountain men and women. Several lyrics anthropomorphise natural forms and show a convergence of the human life-cycle themes with the rivers and peaks. We are building on this collection and hope to bring you more music from the Himalayas in a while.
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Photo-documentation of the Himalayas is a mammoth task . . . and never quite complete. Its natural diversity is only challenged by its cultural richness. The mountain vistas metamorphose with the time of the day and the season, and it is world that is constantly evolving and changing. Welcome to the Himalayan Voices Image Gallery! This gallery contains a collection of images that one can browse section wise. We are building on this collection and welcome your additions to the gallery.
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