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Initially, when the people started residing in the Himalayas, they could not have imagined that their valleys and mountains would become critical to the rest of the world within the next millennia. The heritage of the region is diverse, so are the issues relating to it. Several conferences, seminars and workshops are conducted world over by the Himalayan enthusiasts each focusing on various interdisciplinary and independent themes. Regular festivals and many other socio-cultural events are also organised celebrating the Himalayan way of life and showcasing the tradition of the region. Participation is not limited to the people of the region backgrounds of the participants are as diverse as the cultural macrocosm of the Himalayas.
Event: Save the date: XIV World Forestry Congress, 2015
Date: 09.01.15
Venue: Durban, South Africa
Organised by: Republic of South Africa

The 14th World Forestry Congress, hosted by the Republic of South Africa, will bring together the global forestry community to review and analyses the key issues and to share ways of addressing them.

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Event: Building Capacity for Conservation & Resource Management in Africa, 2015
Date: 09.01.15
Venue: Nairobi, Kenya
Organised by: ERT Conservation, in partnership with Fauna and Flora International

The meeting will be providing an opportunity to review existing regional initiatives, exchange ideas, develop and enhance capacity networks, and formulate effective and lasting solutions to common capacity problems.

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Event: The 7th World Water Forum
Date: 09.01.15
Venue: Gyeongju, HICO, Korea
Organised by: ICIMOD

The 7th World Water Forum will be an opportunity to recognize resolving water challenges as our shared responsibility, which is important to economic development, social inclusion, and sustainable environment.

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Event: Second Environment Protection and Sustainability Forum
Date: 15.01.2015
Venue: England, UK
Organised by: Department of Economics and the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath.

The forum will discuss state-of-the-art academic research on international environmental agreements informed by the insights of the key policy-makers and practitioners in the field

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Event: Student Conference on Conservation Science, 2015
Date: 09.01.15
Venue: Cambridge, UK
Organised by: University of Cambridge

The Student Conference on Conservation Science series in Cambridge, Australia, Beijing, Bangalore, New York and Hungary, is an international series of conservation conferences aimed at students. The conference is designed for young conservation researchers from biological, environmental and geography departments of universities as well as conservation and resource management agencies.

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