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We hope that many of you will listen to the voices from the Himalayas, learn about this beautiful land, contribute to others’ understanding about it, and join in the efforts to sensitize those who shape development to address the needs of this area.
In spite of its colossal presence dominating the earth, the Himalayas remains a world unknown to most of the human populace, and the Himalayan region much neglected in terms of development attention. There are many who live on the slopes and in the valleys of the Himalayas, in its remote villages and the few urban centres. They possess an immense depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience on the difficult and yet rich life in the Himalayas, but are impeded by lack of avenues to share this knowledge with the rest of the world. There are also some residing outside the Himalayas who are a fount of information on some parts or aspects of this mysterious and beautiful world- intrepid travelers and mountaineers, dedicated scientists and researchers. But this information lies with them in their hearts and minds, or at best in a fragmented fashion in some research database.
Himalayan Voices aims to:
Develop wider awareness of the Himalayan region, its problems and issues, encourage understanding of and respect for the region and its people, and promote more targeted research and development activities.

Provide near real-time and comprehensive information as well as perspectives from the grassroots to policymakers, civil society, and other state and non-state development actors, to facilitate area-specific policies and programmes.

Promote sharing among all stakeholders of the Himalayan region, both primary and secondary, towards solidarity, support and appropriate development.

Himalayan Voices is a pioneering effort to bridge the information gap existing on the Himalayas. The portal seeks to build greater awareness of the rich natural heritage of the Himalayas, the great diversity of cultures that reside in them, the generations old traditional knowledge, as well as an understanding of the development gaps in the area, the threats looming over this heritage, and the severe tribulations of Himalayan communities. Often development misses an area and a people, because of lack of information that could help frame policies and design programmes to address the specific issues of the area. We hope to address this lacuna with respect to the Himalayan region.

Himalayan Voices is positioned to act as a source of all key information pertaining to the Himalayan region and its peoples, pulling together all such material that exists in the Himalayas and outside it, in the form of documents/articles, images, maps and other appropriate tools, as well as an array of other digital documentation, libraries and portals on the Himalayas.

As the name indicates, a key objective of Himalayan Voices is to bring the voices of the people of the Himalayas to the rest of the world. In the modern-day world, policymakers and power centres in one part of the globe mould the lives of people in much of the world; this is especially difficult for small groups of people living in areas dissimilar to the majority, such as the Himalayan people, for they are not involved in the decisions that affect them and yet have to live with a form of development that results from these decisions and is very often totally alien and inappropriate.

Himalayan Voices seeks to foster wider inclusion and participation of the Himalayan people in the policy decisions that affect their lives and the development of their region.

Himalayan Voices also seeks to promote sharing amongst various stakeholders of the Himalayan region – primary stakeholders i.e. people residing in the Himalayan region, as well as secondary stakeholders, such as government agencies and policy makers, NGOs/ development organizations working or planning to work for the region, scientists and technologists, academicians, students and general public. Greater interaction amongst key stakeholders would undoubtedly facilitate an appropriate development of the region along with an efficient management of development resources, and the portal represents an endeavour to address this.

Himalayan Voices seeks to provide all stakeholders of the Himalayas with a platform for effective interaction with one another through mutual sharing of knowledge, feelings and concerns, experiences, success stories and problems being faced, technologies, etc.


decision-makers, civil society, could dip into the information available on this portal to help them shape appropriate development for the Himalayas.

News from the field, as real-time as possible, current issues, expression of Himalayan people’s problems and need for policy support, sharing of grassroots innovations and lessons learned from local programmes, from different Himalayan regions, feature on the portal.
Himalayan Voices seeks to provide all stakeholders of the Himalayas with a platform for effective interaction with one another through mutual sharing of knowledge, feelings and concerns, experiences, success stories and problems being faced, technologies.