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The Rangelands of Changthang
The Land of God
Voices and Choices
See the Himalayas up close and learn about it through films on a variety of subjects on the region.

The remoteness of the Himalayan region and the isolation faced by its inhabitants have left their voices unheard. Himalayan people have a lot to say to the rest of the world, about their needs and aspirations, and much that we can learn from, about their perspectives on life and development.


Pragya, the host organization for Himalayan Voices, is carrying out a process of recording oral testimonies of Himalayan people, presenting them in an unvarnished form. Policies and projects are most often designed based solely on cold facts and figures. The people they aim to serve and their feelings play no part. While objectivity is undoubtedly very important in the framing of policies and practices, real contact with lived experiences would surely add value. This initiative seeks to amplify the voices of the unheard to enable them to reach policymakers and development workers. These oral testimonies will help one experience the life of a broad cross-section of Himalayan people, the children and women, the farmers and the elders, the nomads and the healers, and develop an empathy that we hope would aid appropriate development.

Title:     The Landscapes of Bhutan
Credit:  nzeyemedia
As the day breaks, the rays of sun lit up the quaint mountain ranges, the life in the mountains gradually picks up its rhythm. A glimpse of traditional country life in Bhutan....
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On Environment
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"Snowfall has decreased which has affected farming. There is more rainfall than snowfall now. People have started making cement houses because the heavy rainfall washes away the mud houses. Glaciers are melting. We do not get enough drinking water because of the lack of snowfall. Barley was the major crop in Spiti but now..."
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On Climate Change

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A Temple in Chitkul Village
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The Rangelands of Changthang
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Environment and rural development in Darjeeling Himalaya
in Mountain Issues
The paper seeks to highlight the major environmental and developmental issues in the Darjeeling Himalayan region. It emphasizes the need for a comprehensive regional strategy for sustainable regional development, capable of addressing social, economic, political, demographic and environmental issues in this fragile, strategic region. The paper provides a detailed account of...
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Videos on 'People & Society'
"Even when I die, I want to die here. This is the land of deities..." -such strong bonding people of the Himalayas have with their mountains. Mountains are considered as 'Dev-Bhumi' - the land of Gods. An elderly lady from a small village of Central Himalayas, shares her feelings...
The land of God
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Videos on 'Road to Development'
Light bulbs that work, are rare in the remote villages of the Himalaya. During long snow bound winters, the villages often remain deprived of power supply. Not in the village of Lossar. A success story of solar-wind hybrid system installed in a high altitude Himalayan village at over 4,000 m...
Lossar Energy Globe Film
Lossar Alternate source of energy
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