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  Project Financial Literacy, Reserve Bank of India

The objective of the project is to disseminate information regarding the central bank and general banking concepts to various target groups, including, school and college going children, women, rural and urban poor, defence personnel and senior citizens.


The information is disseminated through films, currency notes posters, games (puzzles to recognize the bank notes) and essay competition for school children. The school and college curriculum will have concepts on financial and related materials. The financial literary will be made a part of non-formal education. The project has two parts. In the first part, one learns about general topics like the basics of banking, finance, markets, banking products and facilities. In the second part one learns about the functioning of Central Bank in areas like monetary policy, currency management, foreign exchange management, public debt management and other topics. The RBI is also going to initiate an RBI Young Scholarship Award wherein a countrywide competitive examination will be held and one will be given the opportunity to intern with the bank for two to three months.


Children students, women, rural and urban poor, defence personnel and senior citizens.

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