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  SHARE - Asia Project
Category: Technological Research
Year: 1990 onwards
Location: The Himalaya-Karakoram Mountain chain
Organisation: CNR Institute for Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC), Italy

SHARE-Asia (Stations for High Altitude Research in India) is an initiative by the Ev-K2-CNR Committee to create a monitoring network along the Himalaya-Karakorum range for studying meteorological and climatic parameters, atmospheric chemistry, glaciology, high altitude limnology and paleo-limnology, as well as for precise determination of the Earth surface coordinates.


The rewarding experience of the Pyramid Laboratory-Observatory, at the base of Mount Everest (5,050 m) led to realization of the importance of such monitoring results and requirement of a network. The network will be developed in three phases. In the first step a network of 10 high altitude stations (between 2500-5000 m) equipped with advanced and automatic system for the management and transmission of data will be set up between Pakistan and Bhutan. In the second stage, research staff will carry out of sampling and each station will be provided with a laboratory for chemical analysis. The third stage will include systematic research study in limnology, glaciology, and geology, local analysis and territorial investigations in close collaboration with local scientific institutions.


These monitoring stations are already part of several important international projects such as: CEOP (Coordinated Enhanced Observed Period), ABC Project (Atmospheric Brown Clouds) and will be part of other international programs, such as: GAW (Global Atmospheric Watch), IGAC (The International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project), GLIMS (Global Land Ice Measurement from Space) and ASTER (Advanced Space-borne Thermal Emission and reflection Radiometer).


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