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  Ecotourism Development- A Manual for Conservation Planners and Managers, Volume I
Author: Drumm, A.; Moore, A.
Source: The Nature Conservancy
Year: 2005
Publisher: The Nature Conservancy

Ecotourism has become an important economic activity across the world, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience local nature and culture whilst learning the importance of biodiversity and culture conservation. Besides providing economic benefits to rural and remote communities, ecotourism also helps generate income for local conservation efforts. The manual seeks to provide guidance regarding developing ecotourism opportunities and managing the increasing pressure from tourism at the protected areas to ensure that tourism does not threaten the long-term health of these precious areas.

The manual is aimed at conservationists who want a greater understanding of ecotourism or who are considering ecotourism as a conservation strategy for a protected area. It also deals with case studies on community-based ecotourism. It focuses primarily on providing a set of criteria to eco-tourism planners and managers at conservation NGOs to facilitate decisions with respect to eco-tourism management and development. It can also be used as a toolkit for protected area specialists and managers of state-owned and community-owned reserves, and other actors in eco-tourism including tour operators and hotel developers who seek greater orientation in understanding the conservation implications of proposed activities. It is also meant as a resource kit for investors considering ecotourism development proposals. Within this volume Part I addresses those that seek greater understanding of the eco-tourism management planning process or those that have decided that ecotourism may be right for their site, while Part II is meant as a guideline for Ecotourism Planning and Management and implementation of a plan.

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