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  Watershed Survey Manual for Lakes and Rivers
Author: Godfrey, P.J.; Schoen, J.; Walk, M-F.
Source: The Massachusetts Water Watch Partnership
Year: 2000
Publisher: University of Massachusetts

A watershed survey is a simple and effective tool to better understand a lake or river system. It requires no specialized training and very little equipment, yet it can provide a great deal of information about a water body. The watershed survey is usually the starting point for a larger monitoring and conservation effort. There are three levels of surveys that can be undertaken: the indoor survey, the windshield survey, and the intensive survey. When done along a lake, the intensive survey is called a shoreline survey. Along a river, the intensive survey is a stream corridor survey.

Section I of this manual describes how to plan a watershed survey, including deciding on the methodology for baseline information collection through the survey, timing and logistics. Sections II and III outline the steps in conducting the survey and recording and reporting findings. Section IV provides background information on common sources of pollution, and on ways of interpreting findings including diagnosing water quality problems. Section V concludes with application and use of survey findings to better manage fresh waters.

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