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  The Habitat Assessment Model: A Tool to Improve Wildlife
Author: Roath, L. R.; Hardy, E.M.; Wockner, G.; Porter, S.; Hobbs, N.T.; Freddy, D.
Source: Colorado State University. Colorado Division of Wildlife
Year: 2001
Publisher: Colorado State University

Concerns over increasing populations of big game and the ensuing fence and forage damages on private and public lands, lead the Colorado Division of Wildlife to create the Habitat Partnership Program (HPP). The Habitat Assessment Model has been designed as a tool to aid HPP committees in discerning the relationships between wildlife populations and habitat sustainability. General habitat based management principles have been incorporated in the clear, straightforward model utilizing ArcView GIS technology.

The model has been designed to be a transparent, easy to use, decision-making tool that incorporates year-to-year variation in vegetation production and winter severity levels into a modeling scenario. The model includes existing information generated by local, state and federal government agencies as well as critical input from local community members. Every effort has been taken to include local knowledge in the modeling process, thereby strengthening the ties between the model and the real world. The overall goal of this project is to provide the users with a tool capable of examining the relationships between wildlife population and habitat sustainability and related management implications.

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