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  Revitalizing Indigenous Languages
Author: Reyhner, J.; Cantoni, G.; St. Clair, R. N.; Yazzie, E.P.
Source: Northern Arizona University
Year: 1999
Publisher: Northern Arizona University

This compilation is based on the premise that no one person, community, school, university, tribe, or government program has all the answers to keeping any indigenous language alive. It is only through sharing successes and learning from failures that the extinction of indigenous languages can be prevented. The compiled papers seek to create a network of information sharing between indigenous communities while getting the word out about the importance and value of indigenous languages, the current peril they are in, and what can be done to revitalize them. The book seeks to explore a continuum of eight stages of language loss - stage eight being the closest to total extinction and stage one being the closest to dynamic survival and required interventions at each stage. There are separate sections that focuses on the obstacles and opportunities for language revitalization including efforts and approaches that have been adapted towards revitalizing indigenous languages, oral and written methods and the potential use of technology.

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