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Title: Revisiting Ethnography, Recognizing a Forgotten People: the Thangmi of Nepal and India
Author: Shneiderman, S. and Turin, M.
Source: Studies in Nepali History and Society 11(1)
Year: 2006
Publisher: Mandala Book Point
Abstracts:  The article draws attention towards the lack of published work on one of Nepal's important and overlooked ethnic groups. While there are some notable exceptions, the Thangmi are undoubtedly one of Nepal's weaker groups in economic terms. The article explores the Thangmi culture, comprised of a lively and complex set of practices that defines a unique identity for the community.


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Title: Systematic Education in Dolma Ling Leading to Gender Equality
Author: Dechen, V.L.
Source: Journal of Religious Culture
Year: 1999
Publisher: University of Frankfurt, Germany
Abstracts:  The article deals with the functions of Dolma Ling Institute, Dharamshala that is doing unique work to develop the full academic and spiritual potential of the Buddhist nuns and to facilitate the study of advanced Buddhist philosophy and doctrine. It gives examples of great nuns throughout the history who gained high spiritual realization through meditation and staying in retreat despite the lack of provision for studies in the nunneries. The article emphasizes the need for such initiatives and gives a detailed account of the programme run by the institute.
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Title: Understanding the Socio-cultural Experiences of Pahari Folk: The Jagar Gathas of Kumaon and Garhwal
Author: Anand, M.A.
Source: Indian Folklore Research Journal
Year: 2006
Publisher: India's National Folklore Support Centre, Chennai, India
Abstracts:  The Central Himalayan region comprising Kumaon and Garhwal has largely been neglected or ignored due to lack of information or indifference on the part of scholars towards this region. From early times, geographical factors have played a key role in shaping the history and culture of this region. The paper deals with rich folklore of Uttaranchal, specially Gathas - the religious legends narrated or sung during a ceremony called the Jagar and throws light on the social and cultural traditions of the region and the impacts of migration.
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Title: Vernacular Tibetan Architecture, Lost and Found
Author: Pamela Logan
Source: Kham Aid Foundation
Year: 2004
Publisher: Kham Aid Foundation
Abstracts:  The article takes stock of the Tibetan architecture across the old towns of Tibet, such as Gyelthang, Lijiang and Kangding. It makes a brief yet vivid description of the architectural gems located in these cities and seeks to track the influence of Chinese history in these towns and their architecture. It observes that the “new style” Tibetan architecture is undergoing a boom, whereas traditional Tibetan vernacular architecture is barely surviving.
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Title: Women and Development in the Garhwal Himalayas
Author: Nautiyal, A.
Source: Asian Journal of Women’s Studies
Year: 2003
Publisher: Asian Center for Women's Studies
Abstracts:  A close look at the social, economic and political aspects of development in the Garhwal Himalayas clearly indicates that women remain a neglected lot. Their work in the society is overlooked, and their basic needs and aspirations are also ignored. As a result, development has failed to bring about significant changes in the quality of life of women in most of the remote areas of this hilly region. The article identifies the need to encourage women representation in local governing bodies and other such institutions for real development to take place.
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