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Title: Nepal – Bhutan Relations (A Study of Its Past)
Author: Dhakal, S.
Source: The Weekly Telegraph, TelegraphNepal.com
Year: -
Publisher: TelegraphNepal.com
Abstracts:  The two SAARC member countries, Nepal and Bhutan hold an important geopolitical position. Traditionally, Nepal and Bhutan have enjoyed agreeable relations within political, religious and cultural fields. However, a kind of uneasy diplomatic relation between them seems to exist at present, due to the problem of Bhutanese citizens of Nepali origin who are in exile, and who have taken refuge in Jhapa and Morang districts of Nepal. The paper attempts to study the changing relationships between the two nations.
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Title: Note on the Language, Literature and Cultural Identity of the Tamang
Author: Macdonald, A.W.
Source: Kailash – Journal of Himalayan Studies
Year: 2000
Publisher: Digital Himalaya, University of Cambridge
Abstracts:  The paper deals with language, literature and cultural identity of the Tamang and other ethnic groups in Tibet and Nepal. It describes the groups of Tibeto-Burman speakers, their present status and distributions, their scripts and texts and also connects to the observations made by other researchers earlier.
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Title: Painting Styles in the Rubin Collection: Identifications and Clarifications
Author: Jackson, D.
Source: Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation
Year: 2005
Publisher: Tibetan and Himalayan Digital Library and International Association of Tibetan Studies.
Abstracts:  The article classifies the traditional styles of Tibetan Buddhist paintings. It deals with the main Tibetan styles, early Indian-influenced styles, and the delayed penetration of Chinese styles in the paintings. The article explains each style and their sub-categories in detail with illustrations.
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Title: Physical and cultural patterns in the Himalaya
Author: Gurung, H.
Source: Mountain Forum
Year: 2002
Publisher: International Seminar on Mountains (ISM)
Abstracts:  In order "to promote economically and environmentally sound development" in the mountain regions, as formulated by ICIMOD, one must have a better understanding of the nature, resources, and potentials of the mountain's component areas. The article describes the regional pattern of some physical and cultural aspects of the Himalaya and models of best practices in conservation and development.
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Title: Post-Zhabdrung Era Migration of Kurmedkha Speaking People in Eastern Bhutan
Author: Gyeltshen, T.
Source: Journal of Bhutan Studies
Year: 2003
Publisher: Centre of Bhutan Studies
Abstracts:  The Eastern Himalayas provided sanctuaries for political refugees and others who were socially, culturally, economically and politically displaced from their far away homes, mainly from the north, south, east and southeast regions during pre-historic times. Bhutan received its share of successive waves of pre-historic and medieval migrants. The paper explores the origin of Kurmedkha migrants, their current location and the reasons for their migration.
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