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Title: The challenges of mountain environments: Water, natural resources, hazards, desertification and the implications of climate change
Author: Iyngararasan, M., Tianchi, L. and Shrestha, S.
Source: UNEP Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific
Year: 2002
Publisher: Mountain Forum
Abstracts:  Mountain ecosystems harbour a wide range of key resources, such as animals, plants and minerals. Mountains are also home for around 10 % of the global population, with around 25-30 % directly dependent on resources derived from the mountains. The paper attempts to analyze the various impacts of climate change on mountains and their resources, covering issues like global warming, haze and desertification and lays down recommendations for further actions.
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Title: The Melting Himalayas – Regional Challenges and Local Impacts of Climate Change on Mountain Ecosystems and Livelihoods
Author: Jianchu, X., Shrestha, A., Vaidya, R., Eriksson, M. and Hewitt, K.
Source: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
Year: 2007
Publisher: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Nepal
Abstracts:  This technical paper tracks both the reported as well as possible future consequences of climate change in the greater Himalayan region with special emphasis on high mountain cryogenic phenomena – such as glaciers, permafrost and avalanches, possible effects on water supply, ecosystems and hazards, and the eventual threat for regional populations. The assessment highlights key policy areas and the urgency to improve the relevant knowledge to reduce scientific uncertainties and implement the strategies to enhance adaptive capacities of communities at risk. 
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Title: Water and Erosion Studies of PARDYP Nepal – The Water Demand and Supply Survey
Author: Merz, J., Nakarmi, G., Shrestha, S., Shrestha, B., Shah, P.B. and Weingartner, R.
Source: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and University of Bern 
Year: 2002
Publisher: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) 
Abstracts:  The publication describes community water management as an increasingly important tool for management of this increasingly scarce and polluted resource. The study explores water resource dynamics in two watersheds in the middle mountains of Nepal. Through surveys, the authors track the water use patterns for agriculture and domestic use and highlight the way that changing scenarios will affect water availability. 
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