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Name: Kunzang Dolma
Occupation: Farmer
Location: Hipti village, Ladakh, India
Life in Hills

"We take our cattle, goats and cows grazing on the hills, that is how we spend our time here. We go in search of grass and vegetables on the hills. Sometimes we get these beautiful tiny flowers on these hills and that makes me happy. When it rains, the hills turn green, flowers come up everywhere and it feels nice. When it does not rain everything becomes dry and it is not very pleasant. Sometimes, it does not rain for days and sometimes it rains continuously. When it is bright and sunny we let the animals out and we sit out in the sun as well and just chat. Rainfall is especially good for small farms but lack of water is a problem, and that makes things difficult. In our time educating ourselves was not possible, there were no such facilities available then. If we were educated we would have got proper jobs."

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