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“Conditions have changed now, earlier the people were very poor. They were totally dependent on ‘sattu’ that is made of barley for food or some other local produce used for food. There were not enough clothes to wear, the young and the old used to wear ‘kho’ which were made of leather but we used to stitch them ourselves in order to make them wearable. There were very few schools in the valley, tourism was non-existent and there was no scope of earning money from agriculture due to heavy snowfall. The young girls used to work in the houses of the affluent to take care of their children and were given barley for their work. But no one is poor in our village now everyone is earning. Tourism and agriculture is giving us more income and things are changing rapidly. I think the new generation is much more educated. They are also exploring opportunities out side the valley.”

  Name: Chhering Gatuk
Occupation: Teacher
Location: Kaza, Lahaul & Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
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