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“Compared to the earlier years, there is hardly any snowfall instead it rains. There was no rain till some years back. Snowfall used to cover our houses but now it is only two to three feet. Earlier it used to get really cold and it was tough to come out of the house during winters; there was too much snowfall. People used to wash their clothes in months and take bath after many days. But now it is not that cold.

We used to store food during winters in order to survive but now you can easily get it during winters also. Now due to lack of snowfall we face the problem of drinking water and water for irrigation during summers. We have started facing water problems for last few years, but it will be a major problem in the future, as the population is increasing and the temperatures are also rising.”
  Name: Chhering Gatuk
Occupation: Teacher
Location: Kaza, Lahaul & Spiti
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