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“A lot of development in education is required. Professional courses should be started, and tourism should be developed. Government should open an art and crafts centre. The new generation is not very aware of our crafts, but it has a good scope for earning. A lot of work needs to be done in the tourism sector.

Modern technology is really good for development. With the use of modern technology one can easily reach the outside world and get in touch with other people. But even today we are not using those technologies, I think even the younger generation are not aware of it. The children who are living in the Spiti valley do not have adequate knowledge of computers. I am happy with the development that is taking place but it is slow.
As far as the impact is concerned the young generation is adopting western culture. The food habits have changed. People like to live in big buildings, traditional clothes are replaced by modern clothes like pants, shirts and jackets. I think development is important but not at the cost of our culture and traditions.”
  Name: Chhering Gatuk
Occupation: Teacher
Location: Kaza, Lahaul & Spiti
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