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Myths and Legends of the Himalayas

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Title:Myths and Legends of the Himalayas
Credit:Compiled from multiple sources by Pragya
Myths and legends are usually traditional stories that are often handed down through generations but lack factual evidence. Often myths have a religious or spiritual significance. The Himalayan region has been associated with countless myths and mystical creatures since ages. Some of the popular myths and legends are mentioned in this section.
The Himalayas, by dint of their intimidating heights, unique topography and varying climate conditions, have long fascinated mankind. Even though several expeditions have explored the region, the heart of the Himalayas still appear impenetrable and veiled to all who venture into the wilderness beyond the frontiers of civilization. Many regions of the Himalaya are still inaccessible to ordinary travelers. Civilization, as we know it, is yet to penetrate several remote areas of this region. There may still exist places not explored by man, as Pemako existed till the late 1990’s. Since the Himalayas are a young and dynamic mountain range, the terrain is also perpetually evolving. It is this enigmatic nature of the Himalayas that has inspired the countless myths and legends associated with this region.