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Deforestation and climatic changes in the Himalayan region, compounded by overuse of the medicinal and aromatic plants that grow in the region, and the destructive harvesting practices used, and the absence of positive interventions of soil & water conservation measures, have led to the valuable medicinal & aromatic plants of the Himalayan region getting depleted at an alarming rate. Cultivation of high-value herbal species as alternative cash crops by local communities, has potential however as an alternative channel of supply. Besides, these species are endemic to the region, giving the Himalayan farmer a definite competitive advantage in these species, vis a vis other cash crops. Pragya is working with a few progressive Himalayan farmers on the study of high-value Himalayan herbs and the development of Cultivation Packages for Himalayan MAPs (Medicinal & Aromatic Plants). Himalayan farmers are trained in these agro-techniques and assisted to undertake cultivation of select high-value herbs on a micro scale, and market their harvests to the pharma industry.


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