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Title: Masks of the Himalayas
Author: Dominique Blanc, Arnaud d' Hauterives, et al
Year of Publication: 2009
Publisher: Five Continents Editions, Italy
Language: English
The book deals exclusively with the Himalayan masks. Mystic and sacred masks of the Himalayas spanning all religious influences in the Himalayan region from Ladakh to Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, and Tibet, are highlighted in this book for their rare qualities along with description of 120 extraordinary pieces from private collections and renowned institutions.
Title: Nepal: Moonlight in the Himalayas: Travels among theSherpa of Everest.
Author: Lawrence Morgan
Year of Publication: 2011
Publisher: Create Space
Language: English
This is an account of the travels of the Author into the Everest region and coming across the friendly, dignified and gracious Sherpas. The publication bears a detailed description about animals inhabiting the region,the customs and religions and also the beauty of the ruggedness of the land that remains in oblivion.
Title: No Way Down: Life and Death on K2
Author: Graham Bowley
Year of Publication: 2011
Publisher: Harper Perennial; Reprint Edition
Language: English
No Way Down is a gripping saga of 8 International teams of Mountain Climbers who were attempting to ascend the World’s Second Highest peak – K2 and their destinies that change in a matter of seconds when an ice chunk comes loose above a deadly 300 feet Avalanche-Prone gully, destroying their guide & safety ropes in the Black of Night.
Title: Riding The Himalayas
Author: Keki N Daruwala
Year of Publication: 2008
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Language: English
This is a unique travelogue of a team of car rallyists, wildlife experts and photographers who went upto Kibitho, the easternmost point of the Himalayas through cold deserts, forests and the highest motorable road on the earth. The book has a blend of history of the remote regions, account of monasteries and temples, and experiences in game sanctuaries, along with some of the finest photographs of the Himalayas.
Title: Temple Architecture of the Western Himalayas: Ravi and Beas Valley
Author: Dr. A. K. Singh, Shuchita Sharma
Year of Publication: 2008
Publisher: -
Language: English
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