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Event: International Conference on “Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture, Aquaculture, Animal Sciences, Food Technology, Biodiversity and Climate change: sustainable Approaches”
Date: 30.08.2014 to 31.08.2014
Venue: New Delhi, India
Organised by: KrishiSanskriti

This conference, will provide theglobal scientific community as well as industrial professionals to present their research results on sustainable approachesin organic farming, soil and water engineering, urban agriculture, global warming on agricultural insects and food security for rural population etc., to form an exhaustive knowledge sharing database

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Event: AGSE 2013 International Conference on Geospatial Momentum for Society and Environment
Date: 16.12.2013 to 19.12.2013
Venue: Ahmedabad, India
Organised by: Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and CEPT University

The event aims aim to bring together scientists, researchers, academia, developers, users, and practitioners under one roof. Through the conference, AGSE intends to accelerate science and technology in Remote Sensing, Geosciences, Applied Science, and other related fields. The dissemination of useful application in Geospatial technology, which can lead to a better environment, is also on target.

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Event: International Conference on Global Crisis and Environmental Governance in North Eastern India
Date: 11.11.2013 to 13.11.2013
Venue: Assam, India
Organised by: Assam University

The conference seeks to address the maintenance, management and governance of the environment. The conference will focus on themes like climate change, ecotourism, and environmental security and environment conservation, and sustainable development among others.

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Event: World Clean Technology Summit
Date: 31.10.2013 to 2.11.2013
Venue: Kampala, Uganda
Organised by: Pilot International

The summit aims to provide a global platform for Innovations and Clean Technology for a sustainable world. The major objective of the summit is to create a shared understanding of the role of governments, private sector and other stakeholders in promoting clean technologies for a sustainable future. The event will also throw light on new forms of public-private partnerships, public policy measures, etc as well.

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Event: 2nd International Conference on Agriculture, Food Technologies and Environment New Approaches
Date: 19.10.2013 to 20.10.2013
Venue: New Delhi, India
Organised by: KrishiSanskriti

The objective of the event is to provide researcher, academicians, engineers, and industrial professional an arena to present their data research and development endeavours in Agriculture, Food technologies and Environment. The conference invites full-length papers and abstracts, the selected papers would be published in the International Journal.

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