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  Himalayan Glaciers & Rivers Project and Climate witness project
Category: Research on Climate Change
Year: August 2003 onwards
Location: Nepal
Organisation: WWF - Nepal

The Eastern Himalayas, also known as the water towers of Asia, have the largest concentrations of glaciers outside the polar region. Himalayan Glaciers & Rivers Project and Climate witness project - Assessment of perception of local community towards adverse impact of climate change in Eastern Himalayan region by WWF in Nepal has been documenting the threats posed by retreating glaciers in order to understand the potential environmental crisis. This information is then used for planning effective management and contingency plans with community participation.


The project aims to bring realities of climate change impacts to the public, policy makers and the enthusiasts. The national focus areas for this project are Sagarmatha National Park (SNP) and Kangchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA).


The project has been following a four-module approach. Module-1 studied the effect of climate change on five glaciers in the Nepal and Indian Himalayas to develop a model to predict the behaviour of these glaciers under future climate scenarios. The five glaciers/glacial regions being Shorong Himal, Khumbu Region, Langtang Region, Dhaulagiri Region and Kangchenjunga Region 

A summary report was published under this project - on glaciers, glacier retreat, and subsequent impacts in Nepal, India and China. The other modules of the project deal with Freshwater Vulnerability Assessment (FVA), development, facilitation and implementation of a Community Driven Management Response (CDMR) strategy and dissemination of the project learnings among the key stakeholders and in national and international fora.


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