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  Insect Trap
Category: Technology
Source: Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India
Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Grain storage facilities are always susceptible to pest infestations that can put to waste all the hard work a farmer has put in. As a solution to this problem Dr. S. Mohan of the Tamil Nadu University has created a device called an ‘Insect Trap’. The device is a narrow cylindrical structure with small perforations all over it and a trapping tube at the bottom. Since insects have a tendency to move towards air they enter through the perforations and get caught in the trapping tube. This trapping tube can be screwed open and emptied as and when needed.

The working of this device is simple; one inserts the trap inside the containers, or the bags of cereals and pulses and leaves it for a minimum of 10 days or so. The tube can then be opened and emptied and reinserted as needed. This device is chemical-free, has no side effects and requires no electricity or battery. There is minimal maintenance needed. KSNM Marketing, Coimbatore holds the license for manufacturing and marketing this technology. The innovation has already won several state and national awards.