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With increasing focus on achieving MDGs, there has been growing concern regarding the particularly neglected and difficult-to-reach areas of the world, such as mountain regions. These pristine regions, it has been recognized, require us to support the indigenous communities to access the benefits of development, but without compromising the traditional values and culture, or degrading the local ecological base. This section contains international treaties, agreements, protocols that have a bearing on mountain related policies and instruments of mountain countries for capacity building of indigenous mountain communities, technological infusion and skill building, and other assorted themes...
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Title: Convention on Technical and Vocational Education

Adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at its twenty-fifth session in Paris, on 10 November 1989, the Convention provides that the Contracting States agree to provide and develop technical and vocational education programmes and that technical and vocational education should be designed to operate within a framework of open-ended and flexible structures in the context of...

Title: Declaration on the Use of Scientific and Technological Progress in the Interests of Peace and for the Benefit of Mankind

This declaration (proclaimed by General Assembly resolution 3384 (XXX) of 10 November 1975) addresses two major issues. The realisation ‘that scientific and technological progress has become one of the most important factors in the development of human society, and to provide ever increasing opportunities to better the conditions of life of peoples and nations, in a...