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Title: The Languages of the Northern Himalayas
Author: Thomas Grahame Bailey
Year of Publication: 1908 
Publisher: Royal Asiatic society, London
Language: English, Multiple
The book, a good read for people interested in linguistics is a documentation and compilation of studies in the grammar of twenty-six Himalayan dialects from the northern and northwestern regions.
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Title: Trans-Himalaya: Discoveries and Adventures in Tibet (Volume I)
Author: Sven Anders Hedin
Year of Publication: 1909 
Publisher: MacMillan, London
Language: English
In this volume, the author has endeavoured to depict the events of the journey that he undertook in Tibet and has also touched upon relatively less known subjects of his time such as Lamaism. The book also includes 388 illustrations from photographs, watercolour sketches, and drawings by the author and 10 maps. 
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Title: Twenty years in the Himalaya
Author: Major Charles Granville Bruce
Year of Publication: 1910
Publisher: E Arnold, London
Language: English
The book describes extensive travels and climbs of the author, one of the greatest climbers, in Nepal, Sikkim, Kumaon, Garhwal, Baltistan and Chitral, including his attempts on Nanga Parbat in 1892 and 1895.
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Title: Western Himalaya and Tibet: A Narrative of a Journey Through the Mountains of Northern India--During the years 1847-8
Author: Thomas Thomson
Year of Publication: 1852 
Publisher: Reeve and co., London
Language: English
In this book with numerous maps and sketches, the author describes from his own journey the environs, the ecology and the flora and fauna of the Western Himalayan region and the Tibetan Mountains.
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