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Title: Kashmir
Author: Sir Francis Edward Younghusband and Edward Molyneux
Year of Publication: 1911
Publisher: A. and C. Black, London
Language: English
This beautifully illustrated book gives a detailed account of the Kashmir valley covering all important aspects--the history, the scenery, the seasons, the places of interest, the sport, the people and their livelihoods.
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Title: Midst Himalayan Mists
Author: Rubeigh James Minney
Year of Publication: 1920 
Publisher: Calcutta; Butterworth, London
Language: English
This book is a narrative of the story of the author's journey to the Tibetan passes, which is more in the nature of a personal record than a guide for tourists. The writer submits them for what interest his own experiences may have to the casual reader.
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Title: Nepal Himalaya
Author: H. W. Tilman

Year of Publication: 1952 
Publisher: Cambridge University press
Language: English

The author talks about his journey and experiences in the Langtang and Annapurna region of the Nepal Himalayas. The book also contains some sixty photographs shot by the author himself. 
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Title: Sport and Folklore in the Himalaya
Author: Henry Lawrence Haughton
Year of Publication: 1913
Publisher: E. Arnold, London
Language: English
The book apart from assisting those interested in shooting in the Himalayas also helps the reader to appreciate the beauties and mysteries of nature in the Kashmir Mountains.
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Title: The Abode of Snow - Observations on a Journey from Chinese Tibet to The Indian Caucasus, Through The Upper Valleys of The Himalaya
Author: Andrew Wilson
Year of Publication: 1875 
Publisher: Hesperides Press
Language: English 
One of the best accounts of overland equestrian travel between Tibet and Afghanistan ever written, the book narrates the account of the author’s travel in 1873 through the mighty Himalayas. The classic, strewn with poetic passages, records his struggle against the elements, suspicious native populace as he traveled through the region.
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Title: The Heart of Nature or The Quest for Natural Beauty
Author: Sir Francis Edward Younghusband

Year of Publication: 1921
Publisher: J. Murray, London
Language: English
This book, a good read for nature-lovers and aptly called the ‘heart of nature’ is about the natural beauty of the Indian Himalayas where one gets to observe nature in so many different aspects and therefore understand it better.

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Title: The Himalayan Dilemma: Reconciling Development and Conservation
Author: Jack D Ives and Bruno Messerli
Year of Publication: 1989
Publisher: Routledge, London
Language: English
This book seeks to examine the basis of the widely supported prediction that the Himalayan region is inevitably drifting into a situation of environmental super crisis and collapse.
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