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Title: Himalaya to the Sea: Geology, Geomorphology and the Quaternary
Author: J. Shroder Jr.
Year of Publication: 1993 
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
This book is the first integrated assessment of the geomorphology and Quaternary evolution of this region, from highlands to ocean. Presenting new research, methodologies and theory, this highly illustrated book also provides the first comprehensive bibliography to this exciting region.
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Title: Himalayan and Kashmiri Birds
Author: Douglas Dewar
Year of Publication: 1923 
Publisher: John Lane, London
Language: English
This book, an interesting guide for bird-watchers is an account of the birds commonly seen in summer in the Himalayas and Kashmir. The object of this book is to enable people interested in birds to identify those they meet with while walking in the hill stations of the Himalayas and the Kashmir valley.
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Title: Himalayan Architecture
Author: Ronald M Bernier
Year of Publication: 1997
Publisher: Associated University Press
Language: English

The architecture of the Himalayas is a manifestation of the rich tradition of the mountain people. This book is an account of the Himalayan heritage—the palaces, the monasteries, the building arts, and survival arts across the Himalayas.

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Title: Hindu-Koh: Wanderings and Wild Sport on and Beyond The Himalayas
Author: Donald Macintyre
Year of Publication: 1891 
Publisher: W. Blackwood and sons?, Edinburgh, London
Language: English
This well-illustrated book is an interesting account of the Himalayan travel and sport; a good read for those interested in Indian game and sport. The author shares from his own experiences some tales of shooting in the Hindu-Kush and other uplands also describing the scenery, the climate and the seasons.
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Title: Holy Himalaya: The Religion, Traditions, and Scenery of Himalayan province (Kumaon and Garwhal)
Author: E. Sherman Oakley
Year of Publication: 1905 
Publisher: Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier, London
Language: English
The book gives an account of the religious history of the Indian holy land, the Gods residing in the Himalayas and the customs prevalent in the regions of Kumaon and Garwhal. The author has also tried to trace the roots of Hinduism from the Himalayas.
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Title: Ibex Shooting On The Himalayas
Author: Major Neville Taylor
Year of Publication: 1903
Publisher: Sampson Low, Marston & Co, London; Bibliolife (New Edition)
Language: English
The book captures the experiences of the author as he takes a long break for hunting Ibex in the Himalayas, north of Kashmir valley. The author shares his experiences of the extreme weather, the rugged Himalayan terrain, his local companions, the first encounter with Ibex and so on.
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Title: Karakorams and Kashmir
Author: Oscar Eckenstein
Year of Publication: 1912
Publisher: Bibliolife
Language: English
The book is a compilation of the author’s diary during his scientific and climbing expedition to the Karakorum Mountains in 1892. The book contains description of the features - the sights and the incidents, which struck the author on his journey to Kashmir.
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