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Species: Juniperus communis Linn.
Family: Cupressaceae
Common Name: Hauber, Juniper berry
Local Name: Bethar, Pethri (Kashmir & Kumaon), Shukpa (Lahaul), Shukpa (Spiti), Hauber (Hindi)
Ayurvedic Name: Hapusha
Juniperus communis is a dense, more or less procumbent shrub rarely a small tree. The plant is dioecious in habit. The bark is reddish brown and peels off in papery shreds while the wood is finely veined, yellowish brown...
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Species: Myrica esculenta Buch. Ham.
Family: Myricaceae
Common Name: Box-myrtle
Local Name: Kaiphal, Kahi, Kaphal, Chhota Kafal (Joshimath), Kaiphal (Hindi)
Ayurvedic Name: Katphal, Mahavalkal
Myrica esculenta is a small moderate sized evergreen tree growing up to 3-15 m high. The bark is grey or brownish grey and the leaves are lanceolate. The flowers are minute and the fruits are ellipsoid,...
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Species: Origanum vulgare Linn.
Family: Lamiaceae
Common Name: Bantulsi
Local Name: Sathra, Bantulsi, Wild Marjornum, Jakhma Buti, Basloghas (Hindi)
Ayurvedic Name: Prachin Marubak
It is an aromatic, branched, perennial herb which grows up to 30-90 cm high. The leaves are broadly ovate and the flowers are in terminal corymbose cymes. The flowers are pale white in colour and the plant...
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Species: Paeonia emodi Wall.
Family: Ranunculaceae
Common Name: Chandra/Himalayan paeonia
Local Name: Chandra (Joshimath), Udsalap (Hindi)
Ayurvedic Name: Ud-salib
It is a shrubby perennial with large deeply cut leaves and large white flowers with numerous orange-yellow stamens. The flowers are 8-12 cm across with 5-10 elliptic petals and 5 persistent outer sepals. The...
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Species: Picrorhiza kurrooa Royle ex Benth.
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Common Name: Kutki, Indian gentian
Local Name: Karru (Lahaul), Karru (Kinnaur), Kadwai (Joshimath), Hong-Lhen, Mugpo, Kutki Khongling (Tawang), Haung lieun (Spiti/Tibet), Kutki (Hindi)
Ayurvedic Name: Katuka, Tikta, Katurohini, Matsyashakla, Chakrangi, Shatparva
The plant is a trailing herb with the underground stems giving offshoots at joints and rooting in the nodes. The stem of the plant is creeping, leafy and slightly hairy and healthy plants can grow up to a...
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Species: Pinus roxburghii Sarg.
Family: Pinaceae
Common Name: Chir-pine, Long leaved pine
Local Name: Chir, Chirh, Saral, Birjora pine
Ayurvedic Name: Saral, Surabhidaruk
Pinus roxburghii is a moderately tall tree with a spreading crown with whorled branches and reddish brown deeply fissured bark. The leaves are reduced to long needles, borne in clusters of three. The female...
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Species: Plantago ovata Linn.
Family: Plantaginaceae
Common Name: Spogel seeds
Local Name: Karecha, Tharam-naram (Lahaul), Naram (Spiti), Isabgol (Hindi)
Ayurvedic Name: Ashwagol
The plant is a perennial herb with an erect stout rootstock and alternate ovate or ovate-oblong obtuse or sub-acute entire or toothed nearly glabrous leaves. The leaves are tapering and decurrent into the...
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Species: Podophyllum hexandrum Royle.
Family: Podophyllaceae
Common Name: Indian podophyllum, Himalayan Mayapple
Local Name: Papra/Giriparpat (Lahaul), Bankakri (Joshimath), Bankakri (Hindi)
Ayurvedic Name: Bantrapushi, Giriparpat
It is a glabrous, succulent perennial herb with an erect unbranched stem bearing two large terminal lobed leaves encircling. The large cup-shaped flowers are borne singly and are white or pale pink in...
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Species: Rheum australe
Family: Polygonaceae
Common Name: Indian rhubarb (English)
Local Name: Artso (Lahaul), Lichu (Spiti), Aarcha, Dholu (Kinnaur), Aarcha, Dholu (Joshimath), Revandchini (Hindi)
Ayurvedic Name: Amlaparni, Pitmuli, Revatika
Rheum australe is an erect leafy perennial herb up to 2 m high with green and brown streaked stems and a woody rootstock. The roots are stout and the stem is hollow. The lower leaves are 20-50 cm in...
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