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Species: Rubia cordifolia
Family: Rubiaceae
Common/Local Name: Manjista, Chitravali (Sanskrit), Manjit (Hindi and Bengali), Indian Madder, Dyer’s Madder (English).
Status: Vulnerable (IUCN)
Distribution and habitat:The plant is a perennial, herbaceous climber with long, rough, grooved stems. The base of the stems is woody and the bark is white. The leaves are in whorls of four and cordate-ovate...
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Species: Saussurea costus
Family: Asteraceae
Common/Local Name: Kustha (Sanskrit), Kusth (Hindi), Pachak, Kustha (Central Himalayas), Rustha (Lahaul, Spiti, Ladakh), Rutha (Arunachal)
Status: Endangered (IUCN)
Distribution and habitat:The plant is found at an altitudinal range of 2600-4000 m on moist slopes. It is adapted to grow in river basins and valley ridges with moisture. It is commonly noted in Lahaul (Jispa...
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Species: Selinum tenuifolium
Family: Apiaceae
Common/Local Name: Bhutkeshi, Moor, Murva, Muramansi, Mathosal, Nesrawlo
Status: Near threatened (IUCN)
Distribution and habitat:It is an erect, tall, glabrous and hairy, perennial herb with biennial tubers. The plant is common in temperate and moist alpine pastures in open grassy slopes under dry moist...
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Species: Swerita chirayta
Family: Gentianaceae
Common/Local Name: Chirayata
Status: Vulnerable (IUCN)
Distribution and habitat: Swertia chirayita is a Himalayan plant species found in the altitude range of 1800-4000 m. In the Central Himalayas it is found in Uttarakhand in Mandal, Tapovan, Dodital, Dayara, Har...
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Species: Valeriana jatamansi Jones
Family: Valerianaceae
Common/Local Name: Indian Valerian, Muskroot (English), Tangra (Sanskrit), Sugandhbala, Mushkbala (Hindi).
Status: Critically endangered (IUCN)
Distribution and habitat:Valeriana grows naturally in the temperate range of the Western and Central Himalayas at an altitude of 1800 to 3000 m and in the Khasi mountains of the eastern range between 1200 to...
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