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Name: Tashi Tsering
Occupation: Student
Location: Arunachal Pradesh, India
Q 1. What do you do?
I am a student and work with other young people here in my village.
Q 2. As a youth what dreams do you have?
Arunachal is a place where if we talk about agriculture we have plenty of land. However due to the lack of proper communication facilities, our dreams in the fields of agriculture or horticulture or any other field have not been fulfilled.
Q 3. Do you think there are enough opportunities here?
If we want, we can definitely do a lot here. At the same time, we also require government support. Even to achieve our dreams, we would like the government to support us because they do not take us seriously most of the time. If we get full support from the government then we would also want all the facilities that one can avail of, we can also produce a lot and we already are at doing that.
Q 4. The North East as a region suffers from problems like being cut-off from the rest of the country in winters. Do you think the region gets enough attention in that context?
Definitely not. We do not get enough attention.
Q 5. Would you like to explore opportunities outside your state?
As an Arunachali any kind of development initiative I would take would have to start from my state. For additional knowledge, yes I think it is necessary to learn and gain knowledge from outside. I would suggest that youngsters go out of the state, learn and then return to their homeland to distribute that knowledge.
Name: Mekhala Marpheu
Location: Arunachal Pradesh, India
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Name: Rinchen Tsering
Location: Arunachal Pradesh
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